Our Story

A Family's PromiseOur Roots, Our Passion

We are Frank and Alice, the heartbeat of Nebo Mushrooms. Our journey began with a shared dream, tenderly planted in the fertile lands near Toronto. It was more than a farm; it was our pledge to future generations. Our hands have turned soil into sanctuary, crafting a haven in Hamilton where organic specialty mushrooms embody our philosophy. We’ve woven our respect for the earth with innovative agriculture, infusing every spore with organic quality and sustainability. Try our mushroom and join our story! Together, let’s cultivate a legacy of resilience and excellence.

Since 2015

Nutrients Outlive

Our FarmNebo Mushrooms Farm on Nebo Road

Our family’s Nebo Mushrooms Farm, cradled in the heart of Hamilton’s rich lands, stands as a humble homage to the timeless tradition of organic farming. It’s where our hands and hearts work in unison to bring you mushrooms that are not only organically grown but filled with the purity of nature. This farm is our home, a place where natural rhythms are honoured and every harvest is a celebration of life. Here, amidst the lush greenery of Hamilton, our mushrooms flourish under the meticulous care of hands that cherish the earth’s bounty. Every spore is sown with purpose, every harvest gathered with reverence. This farm isn’t just our livelihood; it’s a beacon of sustainable agriculture, radiating our ethos of quality and ecological responsibility to the world.

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Our Values

Quality Leads

Our uncompromising pursuit of excellence sets the standard for every mushroom we cultivate.

Flawless Execution

Every step, from spore to store, is performed with precision, ensuring peak quality and freshness.

Unity in Teamwork

We thrive together, melding diverse skills into a force united for agricultural innovation.

Safety First

Above all, we uphold stringent safety to protect our team, our customers, and our produce.